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We all love watching movies. How long has it been since we saw new faces on the screen? Do you like all that is beautiful? Sure, but beauty has to carry an idea alongside with it. Remember Audrey Hepburn? Acting, beauty, charm... But today the audience needs action, dangerous situations, a good chase. Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie embodies these things on the screen? But what of something new?...

Gia Skova is a young actress from another land, who knew neither the language, nor a single person in this city. Right now she can play any role in your film: she can fight, shoot, do her own stunts, and be on set as much time as is needed. She is beautiful, exceptionally photogenic, extremely athletic, and her acting talent is God-given. She speaks several languages and has great stamina. The audience loves her and she draws attention anywhere she goes; and while being at the dawn of her career, she already has a retinue of admirers tracing her steps.


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